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Intl Chamber of Commerce launches COVID-19 blockchain app for employees

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Today, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) announced the launch of the ICC AOKpass app in collaboration with medical and travel security firm International SOS, to verify the COVID-19 compliance status of individuals including immunity passports. 

Co-developed by ICC’s blockchain partner Perlin and startup AOKpass, the solution will allow businesses and other organizations to screen employees and users for COVID-19, helping them resume pre-pandemic activities. International SOS is the first partner to pilot the solution for its employees that would allow the controlled resumption of work.

Users can download the ICC AOKpass app on their mobile device and use it to store a copy of their COVID-19 compliance certificate.

Blockchain is being leveraged by ICC AOKpass to ensure that the users are in control of their data, and only essential information is shared with the employer, other authorities, and third-parties. A digital copy of the compliance certificate issued by a medical practitioner will be stored locally on the user’s device.  This aims to address concerns about data security and privacy and the ability to share health information in a secure but verifiable manner. 

Additionally, ICC is developing standards for the AOKpass app so that it can be used globally. Previously, the European Parliament in a statement demanded decentralization of data collected by COVID-19 apps for privacy and security. 

“ICC AOKpass is designed to be strictly controlled by individuals but easily accessible when verification of COVID-19 compliance status is needed,” said Chester Drum, co-founder of AOKpass, who is also a medical practitioner. 

Nearly every industry is suffering the brunt of the pandemic, and government and other organizations are now exploring solutions to allow immune and low-risk individuals to return to work safely. 

“We believe AOKpass will serve as a useful complement to government-led efforts to use leading-edge technology to enable a gradual reboot of the global economy while ensuring public health,” said John W.H. Denton AO, Secretary-General of ICC.

The solution is customizable to meet the needs of companies and governments, i.e., for integrating new testing methods. While it addresses the current crisis, the solution can be used for verification of other immunization and compliance records of individuals. 

In terms of technology, we reached out to AOKpass to clarify whether it uses the W3C standard for verifiable credentials and to clarify what is stored on the blockchain. We also contacted Perlin to clarify whether the data will be stored on Ethereum. The article will be updated when we receive responses.

Yesterday, Ledger Insights reported on blockchain ticketing platform TIXnGO’s blockchain health certificate solution, which has a similar function. Other solutions include the QDX Heath ID, UK’s Open University’s solution using a solid pod, and immunity passports by the COVID Credentials initiative

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