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Texas-based university adopts blockchain education credentialing from Greenlight

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Yesterday, Greenlight Credentials said its blockchain platform was adopted by the University of North Texas (UNT) at Dallas to enable students to take control of their academic records. The solution will allow UNT students to store and share their academic records with any entity around the globe.

Academic credential fraud is a growing concern for employers, and a simple Google search can connect you to people who would provide fake records. Generally, companies employ third-party verification firms to check the authenticity of academic documents. This entails requesting the university or college to confirm that a particular student was enrolled and achieved the claimed grades. 

This is a hassle even for students and also time consuming.

Greenlight Credentials’ solution enables students and universities to store academic records permanently. Students are in control of their data and can grant or revoke permission to view these records using a phone app. Meanwhile, employers can quickly verify these records, saving time and cost, and employ the right candidate. 

“Students are now just a click away from instantly accessing their transcripts around the clock. We are proud to be the first four-year university in the nation to partner with GreenLight, and we’re excited to bring the simplicity and convenience of this resource to our UNT Dallas students,” said Bob Mong, President at UNT Dallas. 

UNT Dallas will also use the Greenlight platform to find and recruit students from high schools and community colleges in an efficient manner. Basically, the university can identify potential students according to its selection criterion based on the data shared by other network participants. 

Education credentialing is a popular blockchain use case. The American Council for Education has received funding from the U.S. Department of Education to explore blockchain for education credentials. IBM is part of the Learning Credential Network (LCN) with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) and education bodies, which are working together on verifiable certificates. The NSC is also a participant in the Velocity Network.

Hyland recently launched its Hyland Credentials for Higher Education  and  Workday has a credentialing solution. 

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