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Four blockchain finalists selected for World Energy Council awards

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The Startup Energy Transition (SET), have officially released their list of 100 top energy startups. Hive Power, Insolar, FlexiDao and Lition – four blockchain start-ups – were featured amongst the SET100. The group consists of cleantech start-ups shortlisted for the 2019 SET award, presented by the German Energy Agency (dena) and the World Energy Council.

The international award seeks innovative business models for energy transition and climate protection. The final round of the competition is on April 9th at the SET Tech Festival in Berlin and FlexiDao is one of the 15 finalists. The SET100 companies will also present themselves before the 24th World Energy Congress, hosted by the World Energy Council.

Cristoph Fei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, said of the event: “Partnering with dena, we work together to systematically identify the most promising innovation ventures around the world and work with leading innovators to understand scope, time frame and success factors of key innovation areas.”


Spanish startup FlexiDAO helps energy producers to certify the origin of their renewable energy. It’s working with Spanish companies Acciona and Iberdrola and leverages technology from the Energy Web Foundation.

Hive Power

Hive Power has a blockchain platform and develops turnkey solutions to manage local energy communities particularly for consumers and businesses that generate renewable energy. The Hive metaphor extends to “workers” which represent blockchain-enabled electricity meters. In 2018, Hive partnered with the Swiss government’s SCCER-FURIES initiative. The project seeks to develop, promote, and deploy power grid-related innovative solutions toward the implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050.


Switzerland’s Insolar is an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform. Insolar’s protocol aims to provide solutions for supply chain & logistics, energy, retail and automotive services. For energy, it is helping to build a transactional power grid prototype with Hero Engineering with backing from the Canadian government.

Lition Energie

Lition, a mid-stage startup from Germany, links green energy producers with smart consumers on its Lition Exchange platform via blockchain. Customers in more than 30 German cities are already using the platform which is based on Ethereum. The company has developed a “layer 2” scaling solution which it plans to leverage for the Exchange.

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