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Bosch partners with for smart IoT devices


Today Bosch confirmed that it has been working with the team at, which aims to launch the second version of its public blockchain mainnet in March 2021. Bosch says it plans to operate a node on the blockchain when it launches.

As part of Bosch Research’s “Economy of Things” (EoT) project, the manufacturer wants to use in AI-enabled smart devices that “autonomously fulfill the needs of businesses and consumers”. It’s hoping the collective learning system will be able to train AIs that are used within the devices.

Fetch has a concept of Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA), which are sensor-driven devices that are both self-learning and capable of automatically transacting. The company is keen to highlight that it’s not an Artificial General Intelligence because these agents have a narrow goal.

“Our collaboration with spans from the aspects governance and orchestration of DLT based ecosystems, multi agent technologies to collective learning,” said Bosch’s Dr. Alexander Poddey. “They share our belief that these elements are crucial to realizing the economic, social and environmental benefits of IoT technologies.”

To date, some of Bosch’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) initiatives have used the IOTA DLT. For example, it trialed an automated car charging solution. It also worked with Obyte on smart cities and 51nodes to explore financing machinery.

Both and Bosch are members of the Trusted IoT Alliance, alongside Deutsche Telekom’s Innovation Lab or T-Lab. has also worked T-Labs for autonomous IoT devices. 

Image Copyright: blinow61 / BigStock Photo