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Construction firm Probuild adopts Brickschain for blockchain


Probuild, one of Australia’s leading construction companies has partnered with California-based Brickschain. The startup has a portfolio of products that target blockchain based construction management.

The aim is for the construction company to track the provenance of all the assets involved in the build process. The data is drawn from different suppliers and their systems using API integrations.

Construction sites usually have a variety of facilities, for example, site offices and toilers. The Brickschain project tracks these as well.

Once construction is complete, the building owner will have full details of every piece of equipment in each room. That could be fire sprinklers or window frames. The owner will be able to drill down into the documentation and check supplier or warranty details in case something goes wrong.

Brickschain founder Bassem Hamdy spent most of his career in construction software. He was with Toronto base CMiC for more than thirteen years, much of that as CMO. Before starting Brickschain earlier this year, he was at construction tech company Procore Technologies for two years.

“Brickschain has a mature blockchain and the domain expertise to help power our supply chain verification processes from China, to Hong Kong on to Melbourne and then live time installation,” said Luke Stambolis, MD of Probuild.

“We now have the blockchain as the source of truth, triggered by Ynomia’s BLEAT IoT technology across the seas. Probuild will now shortlist a Banking partner who will securitize the entire process. We’re very excited.”

Since June, Brickschain has entered into partnerships with companies with total construction revenues in excess of $20 billion.

Brickchain’s technology partner is ULedger, an enterprise blockchain company.