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DNV unveils COVID-19 risk management platform using VeChain blockchain

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The Oslo-based assurance firm DNV GL has announced the release of MyCare, an infection risk management solution that uses blockchain to store evidence of companies’ effective policies in the COVID-19 era. The company has over 15,000 employees globally and serves more than 110,000 customers.

The platform uses the ToolChainTM BaaS Platform developed by VeChain, whose blockchain infrastructure DNV GL has been using since early 2018 and in which it invested. It previously used this platform to develop the supply chain assurance solution MyStory last year.

The solution aims to tackle the difficulties of making workplaces safe environments that conform to regulations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the health and safety offering looks at the need to integrate new risk management policies into existing processes, ensure company-wide implementation, and in the process assure customers of safe and ethical practices.

Through MyCare, DNV GL undertakes a number of assessments of a firm, looking at the readiness and maturity of its risk management processes. It then provides bespoke services that create “tailored customer programs based on the MyCare methodology” which develops a protocol for training staff and assessing further risk.

These assessments are undertaken by consultants and lead auditors trained according to the International Safety Rating System and ISO 45001 Health and Safety regulations respectively.

Once DNV GL has developed and approved a company’s policies, the assessment and policy information is then stored on the VeChain blockchain. This information is made easily accessible to customers and other stakeholders, who can access it by scanning the QR code embedded in the MyCare trust mark.

Sunny Lu, co-founder and CEO of VeChain, said “As we contend with the new normal due to COVID-19, the demand for trust has never been so important. Blockchain will be one of the driving forces to increase confidence in data integrity, business credibility, and mutual trust in multi-party collaboration”.

The large Finnish shipping company Viking Line became the first major firm to onboard the MyCare system on June 17th 2020.

VeChain recently launched a digital healthcare passport solution for a Cyprus hospital which was later extended for COVID-19 testing.