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Energy Web Foundation onboards Engie blockchain startup’s dApp

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Engie’s blockchain startup The Energy Origin (TEO) said its decentralized application (dApp) was migrated onto the live Energy Web blockchain. This is the first migration of a dApp onto the Energy Web Foundation’s (EWF) platform since it went live in June this year.

While renewables have been changing how electricity grids work, the consumer doesn’t know the source of the electricity they are using. TEO’s dApp facilitates energy provenance for consumers and utility companies. Being able to trace the origin of energy is increasingly important for consumers as they turn towards green sources of energy for sustainability. For corporates, the platform improves consumer satisfaction and helps to meet sustainability targets.

TEO is a unit of the French electric utility company ENGIE, an affiliate of EWF which also operates a validator node for the Energy Web Chain.

During the test phase of the Energy Web Chain, about 17 dApps were functional on the test network. TEO’s dApp was originally built on Tobalaba, EWF’s first test network. The dApp then migrated to Volta, EWF’s second-generation test network. Now, the dApp is in production on the Energy Web Chain.

“As a founding EWF Affiliate, Engie is proud to have been with EWF in the beginning. It is only fitting that we now launch the first dApp on the live Energy Web Chain,” said Thierry Matthieu, co-founder of TEO.

The announcement said TEO is already working with Air Products to certify green energy from one wind farm and two hydro plants. While the platform is available in France, TEO soon plans to expand to other markets.

“After the launch of the Energy Web Chain earlier this year, this is the next important step toward blockchain technology delivering against its promise for the energy sector. As we see growing use of the EW Chain—and as companies like Engie make a vote of confidence in blockchain technology—we expect others to also migrate their dApps onto the live Chain and unlock business value via blockchain,” said EWF chief technology officer Micha Roon.

Founded in 2017, EWF is leveraging blockchain to build a decentralized, decarbonized and democratized energy ecosystem. It has over 100 affiliates, with some of the big names being German utility EnBW, Total, GE, PG&E, Shell and Siemens among many others.

A few weeks ago, Thai energy giant PTT said it is developing a blockchain renewables marketplace in collaboration with EWF.