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European Blockchain Sandbox reveals second set of participants

european blockchain sandbox

Today the European Blockchain Sandbox announced the 20 participants in its second cohort. While one tends to think of sandboxes as necessary for financial applications, the EU has many new regulations regarding sustainable supply chains. Hence, the participants are from several sectors, but especially finance and product passports for supply chains.

Law firm Bird & Bird is the sandbox facilitator, and many national regulators have been engaging with the previous round of participants. It’s a mutual learning process so the startups can establish what’s possible and the regulators can improve their understanding.

The participants are:

  • Brickken – real world asset tokenization platform
  • Circularise – digital product passports
  • DigiShares  – real estate tokenization
  • Doxychain – legal smart contracts and smart contract based documents
  • EastNets Europe – sanction screening
  • HACKEN OÜ – blockchain, security analysis
  • Infineon Technologies – IoT edge security – digital signatures plus smart contract-based security
  • IOTA consortium (IDnow GmbH, GmbH, Bloom Labs Limited, Spyce5 GMBH) – web3 KYC solution
  • IoT Nederland – purpose bound money. Recently used for the purchase of energy saving equipment
  • Konnecta Systems – electronic voting
  • Kunveno Teknologos – MINOS DAO for freelance work
  • NYALA Digital Assets – planning DLT Pilot regime participation for trading tokenized securities
  • OriginTrail – enhances AI with verified information sources
  • Trrue  – a solution to address greenwashing
  • REClosure – fractional real estate and other RWA tokenization
  • ReLOG3P SRL – supply chain certificate management for the food sector
  • Soverio consortium (Cheqd, Danube Tech, Netis) – DLT, decentralized identity and trust registries
  • 2Tokens consortium (CMS Derks Star Busmann, OnYourMarks, Celebratix, Metaseum, AMDAX, Custodiex)
  • VERAG Spedition consortium (Atez Yazılım) – digitize the export process
  • EBSI-Vector – Business Registries

Image Copyright: foxysgraphic / 123rf