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Google Cloud launches managed blockchain Ethereum nodes

google cloud

Today Google Cloud unveiled its Blockchain Node Engine, a managed hosting service starting with Ethereum. Microsoft’s Azure was the first to offer such a service, with AWS launching its version in 2019. 

Google touts one of the benefits of its service as being simpler to set up a node and faster to deploy. It provides added security in the form of DDoS protection and the ability to put nodes behind a firewall. And given it’s a fully managed offering, there are service level agreements.

The Cloud group recently said it would accept payment from some web3 firms in cryptocurrency through a deal with Coinbase and set up a dedicated digital assets team in January.

While offering the node service direct to businesses may be new, Google has been hosting blockchain nodes for some time. However, it previously had a different strategy. It partnered with the network founders in the cases of the Hedera DLT, and the Flow and Theta blockchains. It also joined Hedera’s governing council, which requires a financial commitment.

Regarding node providers in the space, apart from the big name brands such as AWS and Azure, there are several web3 providers that dominate the sector. They include Alchemy, Blockdaemon, Chainstack, Coinbase Cloud, ConsenSys’ Infura and Quicknode.

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