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IAB outlines blockchain digital advertising pilots

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Today digital media research group, IAB Technology Laboratory, revealed details of their blockchain pilot program. Their blockchain working group includes more than 150 members.

The program involves real-world testing area blockchain services that will fine-tune and codify best practices in a future whitepaper.

The Laboratory wants to incorporate all the different stakeholders from the digital advertising supply chain. It’s already working with many different firms, among them FusionSeven, Kochava Labs, Lucidity, and MetaX. In turn, each of their pilots will include stakeholders across the advertising supply chain.

In such a data-driven industry, players need to be on the same page regarding the parameters of the data sold, how transactions occur and how to keep regulatory compliance.

MetaX launched its adChain Registry which provides a blockchain-driven list of brand-safe sites determined by token holders. Perhaps for social media that includes channels. For example, in March there was the Youtube Logan Paul incident. The vlogger with 16 million subscribers filmed himself with a dead body in Japan’s ‘suicide woods’.

Lucidity’s ‘layer 2’ protocol

Another pilot example is Lucidity’s protocol to provide supply chain transparency. This decentralized shared ledger aims to verify high volumes of data from multiple sources. Because of this, stakeholders could be able to see what and where data is being transferred.

‘Layer 2’ usually refers to data that is stored at a second layer instead of on the top level blockchain. Lucidity is experimenting with Ethereum’s Plasma.

After the initial pilot, Lucidity plans to have a series of follow up tests for fee transparency, digital publisher signature, and audience verification.

The crucial matter here is the Laboratory can test this sort of pilot under real-world conditions.

Sam Kim, CEO, Lucidity further commented: “It is vital that we begin testing and utilizing blockchain technology to address major pain points in programmatic from data discrepancies to supply chain transparency.”

That is just a single pilot in the Laboratory and Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, wants more: “We’re dedicated to understanding advertisers’ and publishers’ needs and exploring emerging and established technologies that can solve real problems in digital advertising – in support of a clean, scalable, and efficient ecosystem.”

“…We’re looking forward to even more forward-thinking brands and key players joining the conversation.”

Image Copyright: peshkova / DepositPhotos