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Intel elaborates on SAP blockchain relationship

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Three months ago, when SAP launched its Blockchain as a Service offering, it announced a global blockchain consortium. The founding group included A³ by Airbus, Amkor, FLEX, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel Corporation, UPS, and SAP. Yesterday Intel elaborated on the blockchain relationship with SAP.

The collaboration involves three main areas. Firstly Intel is part of SAP’s Global Track and Trace blockchain proof-of-concept solution. As UPS is also a partner, it allows for integration with carriers. So a company can have visibility on the location and condition of goods throughout the supply chain. The ultimate aim is to have better control over inventory and manage costs.

SAP and Intel are also performing benchmarking studies to analyze blockchain metrics such as transactions per second. Because of the relative immaturity of some current blockchain technologies, there’s a need to increase the throughput. So their analysis allows them to optimize with higher performing technologies.

Following on from the analysis, different use cases have varying performance requirements. So together they’re trying to create technical standards for individual blockchain use cases.

Other projects

Intel invested in the Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain technology which it open sourced and donated to Hyperledger. Elsewhere Ledger Insights wrote about ScanTrust that uses the technology for anti-counterfeit tracing.

SAP is involved in numerous blockchain initiatives including a major pharmaceutical supply chain.