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IntellectEU launches platform for speedy blockchain deployment by enterprises


Today IntellectEU launched its Catalyst Blockchain Platform to enable enterprises to quickly deploy blockchain networks across clouds as well as on premises. It aims to support Hyperledger Fabric, R3’s Corda and the DAML smart contracting language. The company says a ten organization network can be created in under ten minutes.

Belgian headquartered IntellectEU started off providing technology services to the financial sector, including Belfius, Capital One, KBC, SWIFT, Euroclear, and ASX. It has expanded significantly in the last couple of years, particularly in enterprise blockchain, and has a presence in New York and a new office in Portugal. The company is now extending its footprint beyond finance.

Despite the many blockchain benefits, the firm says the Catalyst Blockchain Platform addresses some of the blockchain barriers to entry. “Blockchain networks are difficult to deploy, monitor, and maintain, while blockchain developers with the required deep domain expertise are expensive and difficult to find,” said IntellectEU VP of Blockchain Solutions Thomas Bohner. 

“We channeled IntellectEU’s years of expertise, delivering more than 25 blockchain projects for highly-regulated industries around the globe, to create a user-friendly platform with an automated set-up that makes it simple, fast, and inexpensive for enterprises to harness the benefits of blockchain technology.” 

It sounded like a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offering and positioned itself as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). We asked Bohner, who explained that smaller players can use it as a service. “But our core target market is the bigger and more complex projects that are looking to deploy this as software with multi-cloud, multi-jurisdiction, and multi-node needs whilst having to adhere to all their enterprise strict non-functional requirements,” Bohner said via email.

“Think large MIs, banks, telco’s, and governments. We wanted to tackle the really difficult topics such as node and network management (centralized and decentralized), infrastructure topology, compliance, security, and key management. Plus a strong focus on DevOps practices (integration, smart contract management, etc.)”

At launch, Hyperledger Fabric is the supported protocol with Corda to be added.

IntellectEU has been busy of late. It was recently unveiled as an integration partner of the Contour trade finance network owned by ten global banks. When Digital Asset announced the latest open source release of DAML for Hyperledger Fabric 2.0, IntellectEU was the first enterprise support partner for service level agreements.

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