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Ivno launches stablecoin, tokenization platform targeting regulated entities

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Today Ivno launched its Tokenization solution, built using R3 Corda’s enterprise blockchain. The platform is designed for security token issuance, stablecoins and other tokenized assets and it’s working on solutions with financial institutions.

“Our software provides a proven, modern way to increase liquidity efficiency, deliver enhanced security capabilities, and enable rapid, low-cost transfer of assets on a 24×7 basis,” said Ivno CEO Aaron Grantham.

“There is a growing appetite for innovative, robust technology like Ivno, allowing firms to exploit the many advantages tokenization delivers, rapidly and with reduced development and delivery risk.”

Because it uses Corda, participants on the network can’t see each others’ transactions. The transaction data is primarily available to the counterparties to the transaction.

Ivno’s solution also enables cross network transactions, where a token on one chain can be settled on another blockchain. That can work natively on Corda or via APIs if the other blockchain uses a different technology.

Tokens offer numerous efficiency advantages, such as automating reconciliations and providing transparency. But the ability to use a token for multiple purposes is where the long-term benefits will be seen. One of the more obvious ones is to use a tokenized asset as collateral for other transactions.

Two years ago, Ivno ran a collateral tokenization trial with 18 banks and three un-named securities exchanges. Some of the banks included CIB, DBS, Itaú Unibanco, National Bank of Canada, Natixis, Raiffeisen Bank International and U.S. Bank.

More recently, Ivno participated in the FinP2P trial, which enables transactions between different securities platforms that use various technologies. It aims to enable clients of any network to buy security tokens from any other network.