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Kaleido launches Enterprise Ethereum marketplace


Setting up the nodes and the network for a blockchain platform can be painful. Kaleido aims to make the process simpler for those using an enterprise version of Ethereum including JP Morgan’s Quorum. Today Kaleido, a ConsenSys business, announced the launch of a marketplace for plug-and-play tools and services.

Amber Baldet, who helped to found Quorum, is also working on a marketplace called Clovyr.

Kaleido’s solution is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company states that so far over 1,000 blockchain networks have been created with its Blockchain Business Cloud.

Kaleido Founder and CEO, Steve Cerveny explained the need for the marketplace: “The reality is only about 10 percent of an enterprise blockchain project is the blockchain itself. There are many other application, data and infrastructure components required to go into production.”

Right now the majority of the marketplace tools available are for integrating with AWS services or Kaleido tools. The only live partner services are for Chainlink and fellow ConsenSys business OpenLaw which is a Dapp for making smart legal contracts. There are plans to integrate with competing smart legal contract provider, Clause. At the same time, Kaleido has launched a partnership program to attract more offerings to its marketplace.

Marketplace offerings

Chainlink enables oracles or integrations for smart contracts. So it can be used to integrate with payment services such a Paypal or data feeds. Chainlink has its own token, so it would be useful to know whether this is an arms-length arrangement or whether the Kaleido or ConsenSys team owns tokens.

The Kaleido services include identity registry, a block explorer, an IPFS file store, and an Identity Masking HD Wallet. (HD means hierarchically deterministic in this context.)

The AWS integrations include data backup, key protection, federated login, and others.

One Kaleido client is commodity trade finance venture Komgo founded by ING and several major banks and energy companies. Komgo is a ConsenSys client.

“By building on an open blockchain system, Komgo can select from the best protocols in development across the ecosystem and use existing building blocks for an optimized solution,” said Souleïma Baddi, CEO of Komgo. “Now with the proof of concepts and pilots behind us, Kaleido will help us deliver production ready products for a large number of participants at a very fast pace.”

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