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Largest Korean job site adopts blockchain to verify job seekers

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On 10 September 2020, South Korean blockchain firm ICONLOOP and job search platform SaraminHR announced the implementation of their blockchain-based solution. The partnership, which began earlier this year uses blockchain-based decentralized identity (DID) technology for recruitment and staffing to verify candidates in several ways. 

Rather than just offering a job search function, Saramin provides end-to-end HR services, including evaluating candidates for recruiters. Meanwhile, ICONLOOP’s blockchain solution aims to enhance the credibility of applicants.

One feature aims to securely verify exam qualifications and interview scores, by immediately recording them onto the ICON public blockchain network. 

The Certificate Forgery Prevention feature requires the use of ICONLOOP’s identity verification app, Zzeung. With the app, applicants upload official certifications using ICONLOOP digital certificate app, BROOF. By using the solution, applicants can choose to share the information with multiple companies securely and privately. From the recruiter’s perspective, the solution provides credibility.

The third feature prevents applicants from cheating by getting someone else to take a test on their behalf. For offline tests, it requires using a separate ICONLOOP VisitMe app that is used to check into the offline physical test sites using a QR code. 

ICONLOOP’s technology is used in various industries across Korea, with its DID authentication service being approved by the Korean Financial Services Commission for authenticating users for financial transactions. By July this year, ICONLOOP announced it had raised a total of 16 billion won ($13.4 million) and launched the DID service MyID. As the above announcement indicates, ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based apps are already in use. Recently South Korea’s Shinhan Bank announced it’s also starting to use the ZZeung app. 

Image Copyright: ilixe48 / BigStock Photo