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Kroll publishes FTX list of banks, counterparties, relationships

ftx relationships

Kroll has been appointed as the claims agent for the FTX/Alameda bankruptcy and published a preliminary list of interested parties, including banks, counterparties and suppliers.

FTX’s Banks

Banks are groups with lenders, but most are likely to just be used for payments. The list includes numerous major banks such as Bank of America, JP Morgan, Silicon Valley Bank and Wells Fargo. Signature and Silvergate banks are both on the list and have both issued public statements on the topic. There are several major names in foreign countries as well. One of the interesting ones is Deltec, which is notorious as stablecoin Tether’s bank.

No Tether?

On that point, there’s a glaring absence on the counterparties list: neither Tether nor Bitfinex are mentioned. This seems odd given that Alameda was known to be the conduit for issuing roughly a third of Tether stablecoins. Cumberland is another organization that is a big conduit for Tether. It publicly stated it had a less than $10 million exposure to FTX but is not on the list of counterparties. But then the list is preliminary.


Crypto Twitter has been pushing back against mainstream media, and seemed especially unhappy about a NY Times interview with former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. 

The Kroll list of ‘vendors’ includes CoinDesk, which broke the story about Alameda’s FTT token holdings, as well as The Block. Crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano has at least two companies that were suppliers to FTX Group.

Potentially the most embarrassing one is Time Magazine. Although we’re sure they’re not connected, SBF appeared on the Time 100 list of most Influential in May. You know, alongside Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy and President Zelensky of Ukraine.

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