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UK fashion retailer New Look adopts blockchain traceability for sustainability

new look

Today blockchain traceability startup TrusTrace announced a partnership with UK fashion retailer New Look. It’s part of New Look’s ‘Kind to our Core’ mission to support responsible sourcing.

During the last 15-20 years fashion items have become cheaper and more disposable, meaning people keep them for a shorter time. That’s not good for the environment. The garment industry contributes up to 20% of industrial water pollution. To make a pair of jeans, the cotton content needs up to 1,800 gallons (6,800 liters) of water. 

Turning to emissions, up to 8% of greenhouse gases are attributed to apparel and footwear production. These are key reasons why fashion brands are embracing responsible sourcing.

New Look aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 46% by 2031 and become Net Zero by 2040. It held a supplier conference to encourage suppliers to start calculating their emissions.

“The TrusTrace platform will serve as an enormous asset to achieve these goals,” said TrusTrace CEO Shameek Ghosh. “Through its open architecture, the platform will integrate with retailer, manufacturer and supplier systems, as well as other third-parties, such as certification agencies, lifecycle datasets and other sustainability solution providers, to provide granular insight into New Look’s supply chain.”

Carbon emissions are divided into scopes 1 and 2 which are more under the control of the company and scope 3 related to its goods suppliers. New Look has already cut emissions relating to its suppliers by 22% so far.

During 2021 New Look participated in a blockchain textile traceability project run by the UK Fashion and Textile Association in conjunction with IBM. Other fashion retailers such as H&M and Next took part.

Meanwhile, New Look is not TrusTrace’s first big brand client. It boasts some major sports clients including adidas, Asics and Brooks Running. The Swedish startup raised a $6 million funding round in 2021.

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