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Port of Marseille experiments with blockchain

port of marseille

The Marseille-Fos Port in France is taking part in a pilot blockchain project for freight transportation on the Rhône-Saône transport corridor, launching in June 2019.

The focus of the project is to run a trial to evaluate the security of the digital transport chain. It will involve applying blockchain technology to supply chain logistics and freight forwarding, particularly where goods are transported in multiple ways such as sea and road. The pilot will initially focus on certain types of documents but eventually include the entire supply chain. This will hopefully improve the safety, efficiency and competitiveness of the port.

The Interministerial Delegation supports the project for the development of the port and logistics corridor Méditerranée-Rhône-Saône, as well as organizations like the Bank of the Territories (Caisse des Dépôts), Voies navigables de France (VNF), the Compagnie National Rhone (CNR) and the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille (GPMM).

Three companies specializing in logistics, transport and blockchain are said to have developed the project. These three companies are Marseille Gyptis International (MGI), BuyCo and KeeeX.

The port of Marseilles is the biggest and the main trade seaport of France. If the trial proves to be successful, the technology could apply to other trade ports.

The IBM / Maersk TradeLens supply chain initiative has more than 40 ports and terminals participating. Two Spanish ports recently joined including the Ports of Valencia and the Bay of Algeciras.

But several ports around the world have launched standalone experiments including the Port of Busan in South Korea, Associated British Ports, the Port of Brisbane in Australia, and the UAE.