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Sprint to launch connected car platform with blockchain

couple driving car

Sprint, the mobile network company, has joined with the blockchain and IoT security firm NXM labs to launch a 5G-ready Connected Car Platform.

The launch will mean it’s the first blockchain operating system for the car industry.

Generic features of the vehicle monitoring platform include maintenance reminders, preventative notifications, and booking services appointments. Sprint hopes that these components will be able to help families save money on the mechanical side.

It will also offer more specialized safety features. Smart parental controls, anti-theft, roadside assistance and collision detection are all included.

“We’re making it easy for both pre-owned and new car buyers to experience the latest in smart connected vehicle technology features that not only help protect their investment but keeps them and their family members safe,” says Scott Rankine, NXM Lab’s CEO and co-founder.

Moreover, the platform will also allow passengers to stay internet-connected while on the go. They can choose broadband by the day, week or month that are separate from their regular mobile-phone plan.

Crucially, the blockchain powered IoT security system will protect users from hacking. The NXM IoT device is a fraction of the size of a smartphone, and provides mobile connectivity, wifi, GPS, has an ARM processor, and contains the NXM Blockchain Operating System.

“Through the power of blockchain technology, NXM provides an advanced level of security and advanced capabilities to vehicles that might not otherwise have it, even extending Wi-Fi,” says Ivo Rook, SVP of IoT for Sprint.

Sprint plans to launch its 5G network in Q1 2019, and Mr Rook is excited by the improvements it offers: “With the power of Sprint’s high-speed LTE and upcoming 5G network behind the technology, consumers will be able to experience the latest in automotive technology, even in early-model vehicles.”

However, the blockchain platform is set for release this autumn in the US.