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Trump vows to block a CBDC

donald trump

During a speech yesterday in Portsmouth, North Hampshire, Donald Trump vowed to block a central bank digital currency (CBDC). This should not be surprising. After a Congressional debate last September, it was clear that a CBDC would have difficulty getting approval. All Republicans seem to be against it, as are a handful of Democrats.

“Tonight, I’m also making another promise to protect Americans from government tyranny. As your President, I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency,” said Trump.

“Such a currency would give the federal government, our government, the absolute control over your money. They could take your money and you wouldn’t even know it was gone. This would be a dangerous threat to freedom and I will stop it from coming to America.”

Several Republicans have put forward Bills that would block a CBDC. Last week, a Bill was introduced in the Tennessee State Senate to exclude a CBDC from the definition of money in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). This provides the legal foundation for contracts. If a CBDC is not classed as money, it would discourage the State government and businesses from using a CBDC. Florida and Indiana passed similar laws last year.

Apart from a CBDC, Trump also mentioned another topic close to Republican hearts.

“We’ll also create strong protections to stop banks and regulators from trying to de-bank you for your political beliefs,” said Trump.

Meanwhile, one hopes the distinction between a wholesale and retail CBDC is appreciated, given that the latter could benefit consumers without privacy concerns.

Perhaps anticipating this sort of issue, a Federal Reserve paper explored different types of DLT-based central bank money last September. It distinguished between tokenized reserves versus a new settlement asset, a wholesale CBDC.

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