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Unilever-backed startup pilots advertising location blockchain

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Unilever-backed Blis has announced a pilot blockchain program to improve data gathering transparency. The company specializes in mobile location data technology.

Currently, the varied data sources on which digital advertisers depend make it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the data comes from. This hinders abilities for marketers to comply with new regulations and for advertisers to analyze their performance.

Geographical data can provide a wealth of information to advertisers. And using that information effectively can help firms tailor ads to potential audiences. All that needs to happen is to iron out a few problems.

Blis thinks blockchain can provide a solution by writing the source of geographical data onto an immutable blockchain. By sharing the data with all participants, stakeholders can have greater confidence in the provenance of the data.

Advertisers also get comfort that the data sources are compliant with GDPR legislation.

“Combining our deep expertise with blockchain technology will allow us to deliver a new solution that will address the growing trust, accountability and transparency needs that are pressing the advertising industry,” said Greg Isbister, CEO at Blis.

Unilever is excited at the prospect of such a platform: “This new capability is an important step towards transparency and clarity in data provenance and compliance across our global activity,” said Luis Di Como, Executive VP, Global Media, Unilever Group.

Blis envisions a platform where partnered brands can gather data ranging from individual apps used to Wi-Fi data.

The solution will run on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Unilever is also involved with the IBM/Mediaocean advertising blockchain consortium.

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