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Xage Security wins US Air Force contract to secure aircraft maintenance data using blockchain

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Today Xage Security announced it has won another contract from the US Air Force (USAF). The latest project is with the USAF’s Air Mobility Command (AMC) and involves digitizing and securing the workflows for aircraft maintenance operations. 

The solution will use the Xage Fabric blockchain technology which creates a digital hash of data that is signed and encrypted at the source. Hashing is similar to a fingerprint, so it becomes clear if any data is amended. That’s particularly important because the contract relates to flightline operations which involve aircraft maintenance on airfields where secure sharing of data is critical.

Xage Fabric is part of a larger Dynamic Data Security Solution, which enforces data control at a granular level.

“Mission-critical aircraft require unparalleled cybersecurity to ensure the safety of pilots and mission success,” said Xage CEO Duncan Greatwood. “By leveraging zero trust principles, our Xage Fabric will guarantee the authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of data across the flightline of the future.”

The latest contract follows one with the US Space Force awarded last year. The company has several high profile contracts including for other US Air Force applications, the Department of Energy and ComEd. In 2018 the company raised a $16 million Series A round from GE Ventures, Saudi Aramco Ventures and others.

Blockchain has been used for various aerospace applications, and more recently to verify parts used in military aircraft. Startup Authenticiti and Capgemini are working with the  Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) for a solution targeting government aircraft parts contractors.