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Albany Airport adopts GE’s blockchain cleanliness tracing solution

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New York’s Albany International Airport is collaborating with GE (General Electric) in digitizing the airport’s operations to make the air travel experience safer. To begin the process, Albany International Airport has implemented GE Aviation’s blockchain Wellness Trace App, which is used by the airport to track Covid-19 cleaning protocols. 

The app launched by GE in late June in partnership with TE-FOOD and Eurofins provides a platform for airports and airlines to track Covid-19 screening for passengers and employees, and set protocols for tracking the cleaning of the airport or aircraft. Albany Airport is its first customer with the initial focus on the airport cleanliness aspect.

GE Aviation is no stranger to blockchain. Its blockchain platform can track most things, whether it’s cleaning, health certificates or aircraft parts. When we chatted with the firm around the time of the launch, David Havera told Ledger Insights, “we need planes to fly in order for us to make money. So we’re invested in solving this in the short term and in the longterm, and then post COVID. Our solution will have residual value because we’ll work with airlines on track and trace of maintenance.”

Wellness Trace envisions the public using the app similarly to Waze and Yelp. Users have the ability to provide feedback on the cleanliness of their travel experience or check Wellness Trace to find locations at or near the airport such as restaurants or toilets that have recently been disinfected.

Albany Airport initiated a three-month trial where its staff will use the app to track disinfecting protocols in key areas. Over 45 QR codes have been spread throughout the airport and users can scan it to check how recently and effectively that area has been cleaned. Following the trial, GE Aviation and the Albany Airport will discuss any potential improvements to the app and explore the possibility of expanding the app’s use for health screening. 

The goal is to make travelers feel safer throughout the whole experience by providing transparent and easily accessible information into the cleanliness of their surroundings. “Being able to scan a QR code and know the last time that surface at the airport was cleaned may alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty people are feeling as they venture out and bring back a sense of confidence¨ said Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy.

The Airport plans to showcase the latest technologies and, together with GE will also unveil artificial intelligence, machine learning and other digital technologies in the coming weeks.

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