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Amazon QLDB gets DAML smart contract integration


Today, Digital Asset announced that its smart contracting language, DAML has been integrated with Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), a centralized database with blockchain characteristics. The integration was done by Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) and the solution is Sextant for DAML.

Amazon’s QLDB is essentially an immutable log of every transaction and changes made to the database. The service is beneficial for customers who want an immutable ledger but not decentralization.

Ledger Insights previously reported on the availability of QLDB. Back then, blockchain firm Digital Asset had expressed its intention to integrate the smart contracting language DAML with QLDB. Now, BTP is offering its blockchain management platform Sextant for DAML along with QLDB. 

“There are plenty of scenarios where there is a trusted centralized operator or a natural authority but there is still a requirement to ensure data is not tampered with,” said Kevin O’Donnell, CTO of BTP. “DAML on Amazon QLDB addresses these use cases combining the expressive power of DAML with the resilience of AWS.”

“BTP’s Sextant for DAML with QLDB makes it seamless to run distributed applications without the operational overhead or compromising security,” added Shaul Kfir, co-founder and CTO of Digital Asset.

Amazon QLDB is the third platform commercially supported by Sextant for DAML, which simplifies deployment and management of DAML based ledgers. The other two are Hyperledger Sawtooth and Amazon’s Aurora, which is compatible with MySQL and PostgresSQL databases.

BTP’s Sextant platform is available on the AWS Marketplace and in addition to Sextant DAML, Sextant Sawtooth enables easy deployment of blockchain networks. 

Earlier this month, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) announced it worked with BTP on its Blockchain Securities Lending (BSL) platform.