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Blockchain accelerator Tribe partners with BMW, Intel, Nielsen


Last Friday, Tribe Accelerator released details of its partnership with BMW Group Asia, Intel Corporation, and Nielsen. The Singapore based blockchain accelerator aims to leverage the knowledge of the established firms for its startups.

Tribe Accelerator is the blockchain for enterprise arm of TRIVE Ventures, a Singaporean venture capital firm. Just last December, it was the first of its kind to be backed by the country’s government agency supporting startups.

Tribe’s core goal of increasing and streamlining blockchain adoption in Asia is off to a promising start. The three new partners will share knowledge at the accelerator’s Demo Days which will tour in San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul, and Singapore.

The Tribe website states that with the new “startups will gain exclusive insights from world-renowned experts […] to learn how to best leverage blockchain technology efficiently and navigate the ecosystem.”

BMW Asia w­­ill hold masterclasses on technology in the automotive industry, best practices in innovation, and crucially how to utilize blockchain for the mass market.

Last year, BMW US invited two blockchain startups to its first financial services lab, aiming to increase the firm’s efficiency. Another example of BMW’s involvement in the blockchain community was its hosting of the MOBI initiative’s first European meeting last month. In advance of the meeting, the firm discussed its ambitions surrounding tamper proof mileage tracking and ledger based supply chains.

“BMW understands the great potential blockchain technology has for the automotive and mobility industry,” said Dr. Carsten Sepia, VP Group IT, BMW Group Asia. “We are actively collaborating with various organizations globally on further developing this technology in order to transform research into scalable value propositions.”

“As part of the Tribe Accelerator program, we hope to extend this collaboration network into Asia, engage with other forward thinking organizations, and learn from some of the brightest minds in the blockchain start-up scene in Singapore. After this program we hope we can help each of these startups develop their proof-of-concepts and reach the next stage of their development.”

Intel, the world’s second-largest chip manufacturer, has multiple types of blockchain experience to share. Intel SGX chips (not to be confused with the Singapore stock market SGX) are used to enhance security for blockchain applications.

Plus it’s an important player behind two Hyperledger projects, Sawtooth and Grid. Hyperledger Grid which leverages Sawtooth is a set of tools to help to build supply chain blockchains.

And finally, Nielsen, the analytics company, will aid startups in the testing stage of their new blockchain technologies. It will provide a “sandbox” allowing Tribe ’s startups to test in a “safe, controlled environment”.