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Caixabank to offer NFTs as part of sustainability banking drive

calixabank imagin nft

Today Caixabank, one of Spain’s big three banks, announced that its Imagin digital services platform will provide NFTs as part of an initiative to attract new customers to deposit their paychecks into the Imagin app.

With a young target audience of people 30 and under, Imagin’s campaign theme is sustainability. It plans to support the collection of 1kg of plastic from the ocean for each customer that deposits their paycheck, with a target of 100 tonnes of plastic removal. 

New customers will be rewarded with illustrations of marine animals from Imagin’s first non fungible token (NFT) collection that uses AI. The tokens are only available within the app and are not tradeable but carry data about the plastic removal, such as where it was recycled. The images can be shared on social media.

Make no mistake, this is a marketing campaign with rewards for new customers that sign up, including €150 for every paycheck over €1,000 that users deposit.

Meanwhile, Caixabank is involved in the work on the digital euro. It landed the role of prototyping user interfaces for peer to peer online payments.

Image Copyright: CaixaBank