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Clarins continues global rollout of blockchain traceability solution


Last year French beauty firm Clarins launched Clarins T.R.U.S.T. a blockchain traceability solution that demonstrates its responsible sourcing practices for plants used in its skincare products. We stumbled across it this week as it continues to roll out around the world, with the latest destination in Japan.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, the aim is to demonstrate that the plants are fair trade or organic, with the certifications that accompany them. Clarins produces some of its plants in-house at “Domaine Clarins”, whereas others are farmed by certified supply chain partners with the producers identified in the T.R.U.S.T. app.

So far the traceability solution is available for 49 of its products.

It uses the lesser-known Neurochain blockchain which was founded by a French team. The aim of blockchain is to ensure that once the data is entered by suppliers it can’t be modified. 

Clarins also mentions that it can trace the plants down to the field locale where it was grown, providing a “higher level of safety”. From that we’d deduce that if there are issues with some plants such as a disease it will know where to locate the other plants from that field, and if necessary, which specific items to recall.

In many ways product traceability is such a strong match for blockchain, that it’s reaching the stage where it’s barely mentioned anymore. In 2019 Cult Beauty said it would use the Provenance blockchain to demonstrate its green claims. The following year, Estée Lauder brand Aveda started using blockchain to track vanilla. In 2021, blockchain was used for tracing mica, an ingredient used in a variety of beauty products.

Beauty, NFTs and the metaverse

During the last couple of years, beauty firms have started to target NFTs and the metaverse. After all, if you like the look of the cosmetics IRL, then you might want to use the same ones on your 3D avatar. Clarins launched its first batch of 325 NFTs earlier this year on the Polygon blockchain. The NFTs also unlocked personalized consultations and other rewards.

Clarins is considered a premium brand, and several luxury brands are using the AURA blockchain for traceability, including LVMH, Prada and Cartier.

Image Copyright: Clarins