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Clinique to launch makeup NFTs celebrating metaverse diversity

clinique nft non fungible people

Estée Lauder’s makeup brand Clinique is launching a non-fungible token (NFT) initiative for the metaverse to celebrate diversity and individuality. The “Metaverse More Like Us” project is in partnership with NFT and software firm Daz 3D.

Today, only 20% of users and creators in the metaverse and less than 16% of NFT digital artists are women. Clinique’s project is looking to address some of these issues and bring more representation of different communities to Web 3.

The brand partnered with three makeup artists, each developing two different makeup looks on avatars of diverse skin tones, face shapes, and hairstyles. The looks were designed using digital Clinique products and through social media, the artists will share the inspiration behind the designs and the creative process.

In total, there will be six different makeup looks. Daz 3D will mint 1968 makeup looks at three different drops and randomly allocate them to existing owners of non-fungible people (NFP), a Daz 3D NFT collection celebrating diversity in the metaverse.

For Clinique, this project helps showcase the values of caring and working towards diversity and inclusion in and beyond the digital space while using NFTs in a way that promotes the company’s products. 

Many companies entering the metaverse are launching NFT-based initiatives that might help promote brand recognition in the Web 3 space but don’t necessarily tie the project’s concept back to the product or service they sell. By showcasing how makeup can help support diversity and using digital versions of the product, Clinique was able to link its product to the social cause and the digital realm. 

“Our mission to be in the service of all skin means that we’re dedicated to increasing inclusivity everywhere our brand connects with consumers, and that commitment is no different in the Metaverse,” said Clinique’s SVP of Global Marketing Carolyn Dawkins. “As the Metaverse is blossoming, we know that what we create today can positively impact the beauty standards of the future. We are proud to collaborate with leaders in the space, such as Daz 3D, and artists who help us bring optimism through artistry.” 

Strong NFT track records

Daz 3D has quite a track record in NFTs. RTFKT, which Nike bought, launched its CloneX NFTs that Daz 3D helped convert to avatars. It also worked on the Batman Bat Cowl NFT collection as well as with Coca Cola.

This is not Clinique’s first go at NFTs. The brand launched a promotional campaign using digital collectibles as loyalty rewards last year. Meanwhile, L’Oreal launched an NFT campaign celebrating women in the Web 3 space, and its make up subsidiary NYX is managing a similar initiative to Clinique’s in the celebration of Pride within The Sandbox metaverse. 

Image Copyright: Clinique