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DB Schenker uses blockchain for quality assessment

DB Schenker truck

DB Schenker, the transports and logistics division of Deutsche Bahn, has developed a supplier evaluation system on the VeChain Thor platform.

What does DB Schenker achieve?

DB Schenker has 50 years of history in China with 5700 logistics specialists in 60 cities. The work with VeChain focuses on China, where VeChain Thor was born. The logistics company offers extensive coverage of China by working with business partners.

However, to offer a smooth service across the country, DB Schenker wants to measure the quality and service of any potential partners.

Hence, the supplier evaluation system built on VeChain scores partners based on collected data allowing DB Schenker to assess the quality of the service.

Even so, the VeChain foundation behind VeChain Thor has an expanded vision for the application. They’re hoping it will be “widely shared and co-constructed by a broad range of logistics service providers.”

About VeChain

VeChain Thor is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. It aims to be a business ecosystem that enables collaboration, information sharing and application building. So far VeChain’s applications focus on supply chain, logistics, and asset provenance.

For example, The Oversea Liquor tracking platform can track bottles of wine throughout its life cycle. In doing so, consumers can check its authenticity and producers/importers can monitor the location and quality of the storage.

The blockchain technology is a variation of Ethereum. VeChain Thor rebranded from VeChain in early 2018. Today its coin boasts a market capitalization of just over $1.6 Billion at the time of writing.