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Delta Capita launches DLT offering

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Earlier this year financial service provider Delta Capita acquired the the capital markets division of blockchain firm SETL. Today it announced the launch of its distributed ledger solution MACH.

MACH is a suite of six tools, including Optimise, a settlement infrastructure that is compatible with traditional finance, including Swift integration. The suite includes the range you’d expect from a capital markets firm, covering tokenization, custody (MACH Assign) and KYC (MACH Pass). Interoperability between different blockchain infrastructures is a hot topic at the moment. Delta Capita has a DLT interoperability offering (MACH Bridge).

When news of the SETL deal was announced in April, Delta Capita said that Archax‘s Montis was an anchor client. Delta Capita is developing a central securities depository solution for Montis.

“Each of the DLT solutions that we are bringing to market have been uniquely designed to drive significant operational efficiencies, enhanced security, increased liquidity and improved cost savings for our clients,” said Alan Philpot, Chief Product Officer at Delta Capita.

Meanwhile, SETL, a technology provider for the Regulated Liability Network, recently spun out that work into a separate company, launching LedgerSwarm. JP Morgan’s Coin Systems is the big player in payments. At the time, SETL CEO Anthony Culligan told Ledger Insights, “Every time JP Morgan wins one of those big international companies it puts pressure on all the other banks to say, ‘we need something that is going to give us real time settlement just across our own network.’”

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