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Diesel to launch digital fashion with HAPE NFT partnership

HAPE diesel NFT

Italian clothing company Diesel has partnered with blockchain startup HAPE to launch a unique non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Co-created by Diesel creative director Glenn Martens and Hape creator Digimental, the NFTs will offer collectors both digital and physical value.

Each unique digital collectible will include a limited edition 1DR POD crossbody bag, along with access to exclusive events and community benefits.

“Together we are building the future of fashion through shared creative vision, capabilities and community activation”, said Hape founder, Digimental. “Partnering with Diesel reflects our strategic focus on collaboration and the potential for Web2 and Web3 brands to join forces to innovate together, creating new experiences and opportunities for consumers and brands alike.”

The partnership further expands Diesel’s foray into blockchain and NFTs. Diesel began its web3 journey by forming a new division, Brave Virtual Xperience (BVX), to design products and experiences for games and the metaverse, including NFTs. Earlier this year, Diesel then launched D:VERSE, an NFT platform for physical and digital wearables with a digital community on Discord.

Hape is one of Diesel’s first partnerships since then. Hape Prime’s initial drop of 8,192 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain features 3D ape avatars. The blockchain startup creates digital fashion models in the metaverse with interchangeable clothes and accessories that brands can use to showcase their collections.

In addition, the startup recently launched a marketplace to further their aim to create the ‘fashionverse’. Hape created a big splash when it launched at the start of the year and ranks as number 35 all-time on CryptoSlam’s list of collections. However, sales have declined significantly since the launch. Nonetheless, there are still business benefits to Diesel from the partnership. It lets the fashion brand experiment with digital wearables in preparation for the metaverse.

Image Copyright: Diesel