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DIOR to launch digital twin NFT sneakers

dior nft sneaker

DIOR has unveiled its B33 sneaker range that will launch later this week. Each physical sneaker includes an NFC chip tied to a non fungible token (NFT) digital twin on the blockchain, which acts as a certificate of authenticity. However, the NFT will also unlock “dedicated services” although there’s no commitment to providing rewards. Like several other brands, no mention is made of NFTs or web3 apart from a reference to the Ethereum blockchain in the product details. That could be because these are physical shoes and may not have future functionality.

The shoes feature designs by Kim Jones, DIOR Homme’s creative director. The first sneaker to launch is priced at €1,200 and limited to 470 pairs. The next three design variations will have the same number of limited editions but with a price tag of €990. Three more designs will go for €890 but are not limited edition. The figures are similar to pricing of other conventional DIOR sneakers.

However, the description of “dedicated services” is limited and there’s no commitment to rewards in future. It only offers authenticity, details about the manufacturing process, as well as notification about future sneaker launches. Typically that enables owners to be whitelisted for other exclusive drops, but there’s no mention of that.

DIOR is part of the LVMH group, a first mover in launching a blockchain consortium  AURA for the luxury sector. It includes members outside the group, such as PRADA  and Richemont. AURA initially focused on anti-counterfeit and authenticity but later added sustainability tracking and collectible NFTs. DIOR is not mentioned as an AURA member on the website.

Hennessy is another LVMH brand that sold limited edition cognac bottles associated with NFTs for $250,000 a piece and launched a web3 brand H3NSY. Last month Louis Vuitton launched the Via Trunk for those willing to drop $39,000 for not-yet-disclosed experiences and products.

Sneaker competition

DIOR’s venture is entering a popular but crowded marketplace for sneakers. Both Nike and Adidas have been very active in the space. Adidas even announced a collaboration with FEWOCiOUS who designed the first NFT sneaker dropped by RTFKT which was acquired by Nike shortly after. Some of their offerings have been purely digital, others phygital. Adidas also collaborated with Prada for an NFT campaign.

Image Copyright: DIOR