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Enterprise BaaS Kaleido unveils upgrade and tokenization tools

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Today ConsenSys company Kaleido launched a significant upgrade to its Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offering with more than a dozen enterprise tools. It includes an industry-agnostic platform enabling the tokenization of digital assets. The Kaleido platform makes it faster and easier to set up a consortium network of nodes and integrate with other services.

Since its launch a year ago, the company says it has serviced clients including T-Mobile, Kroger, Heineken, Sony, Fox, Citi, Shell, ING, MUFG, and UnionBank participating in live networks. Citi, Shell, ING and MUFG are all participants in the komgo trade finance network, where ConsenSys is the technology partner.

Kaleido CEO Steve Cerveny believes these early movers gain an advantage. “Blockchain has brought a radically better way for businesses to solve an age-old problem of transacting with trust and transparency. The leading networks we’re partnering with are realizing the benefits of this future before everyone else.”

In terms of tokenization, Kaleido says it has introduced a “push-button-simple” industry agnostic token platform to enable the tokenization of digital assets. Token ownership can be transferred, including as atomic swaps. One example provided was Greenfence, which pointed to marketing campaigns that use digital collectibles and coupons.

On premises and in the cloud

Many enterprise-targeted services need to offer both on-premises and cloud solutions. Kaleido started as a cloud solution and runs on AWS and Azure. It has now added the ability to include on-premises data centers.

Souleima Baddi, CEO of komgo, the commodities trade finance platform, commented: “No individual cloud provider can provide a service level agreement beyond the edge of their network. We needed a partner who could provide enterprise-grade levels of service, reliability, performance, and security across our entire decentralized network.”

The additional services added to the Kaleido technology stack include the Asset Registry, Address Book, Eth Firewall, Event Streams, App to App Messenger, Document Store, Enterprise Connectors, API Gateway and Eth Wallets for apps. Server management and DevOps is often painful with blockchain, and Kaleido has enhancements there as well.

Additionally, Kaleido has expanded its marketplace with several other ConsenSys offerings. One of those is PegaSys’ Pantheon a new Java-based enterprise ethereum client and a potential competitor to JP Morgan’s Quorum. Support for the latest Quorum version is also built into Kaleido.

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