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EVRYTHNG partners with Arianee blockchain for luxury goods traceability

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Today, EVRYTHNG announced a partnership with blockchain project Arianee for end-to-end traceability and proof of authenticity of luxury products. Arianee runs a luxury consortium that counts the Richemont conglomerate as a member.

EVRYTHNG is an Internet of Things (IoT) smart products company that assigns a digital identity to physical objects using QR codes, NFC, RFIDs, and other solutions. The company has built Product Cloud, which monitors each product, gathering data from sourcing and manufacturing, through to retail, and even recycling or reuse. Some of its customers include Ralph Lauren, Puma, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, and drinks conglomerates DIAGEO and ABInBev.

Meanwhile, Arianee has developed a blockchain platform for authenticating branded products by issuing digital certificates. It has a blockchain consortium with members including Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Verlan and Roger Dubuis, among others. An associate member is Swiss luxury goods company Richemont, which owns Cartier, Dunhill, Montblanc and Vacheron Constantin.

According to the 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, luxury brands lost $30.3 billion worth of sales to counterfeits online alone. 

EVRYTHNG and Arianee are combining product digitization with blockchain to ensure the authenticity of luxury products, and fight the problem of counterfeits. Clients of EVRYTHNG will be able to create authenticity certificates on the Arianee blockchain solution as products are manufactured. 

“Our partnership with EVRYTHNG offers a unique opportunity to use a robust track and trace solution and pair it with our blockchain-based digital passports,” said Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and Founder, Arianee. 

“By giving every product a unique EVRYTHNG Active Digital Identity™ (ADI) connected to the Arianee blockchain, we allow brands to transfer identification to new product owners with quick and easy verification of authenticity,” said Dominique Guinard, CTO and Co-founder, EVRYTHNG.

A few months ago, Breitling used the Arianee blockchain to issue digital authenticity certificates for a limited edition James Bond watch. Vacheron Constantin piloted Arianee’s product authentication solution. 

Arianee uses a Proof of Authority version of Ethereum, which makes it more performant.

On the other hand, EVRTHNG has been exploring blockchain solutions for some time now and has a partnership with OriginTrail. It has set up the EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub, which enables brands to choose blockchain solutions based on their requirements. Current integrations include IOTA, OriginTrail, Tierion, BLOCKv, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now the Arianee solution.