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FedEx, Honeywell join Hyperledger consortium


Yesterday Hyperledger announced fourteen new members joined its cross-industry consortium bringing the total to 270. Earlier this year, senior FedEx executives including the founder Chairman spoke about their interest in blockchain.

At the time Frederick W. Smith, FedEx Chairman said: “blockchain has the potential to completely revolutionize trade across borders.”

“Our community ranges from technology giants and industry leaders to start-ups, service providers and academics,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger. “We are gaining traction around the world in market segments from finance to healthcare and government to logistics.”

“This growth and diversity is a signal of the increasing recognition of the strategic value of enterprise blockchain and commitment to the adoption and development of open source frameworks to drive new business models.”

One of the latest associate members is the Government of Bermuda.

The consortium has three full blockchain protocols in Fabric, Iroha, and Sawtooth. Plus there are seven other blockchain projects. The highest profile are Hyperledger Indy for decentralized identity and Hyperledger Burrow for smart contracts.