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Hyperledger adds 7 new members, celebrates 8th anniversary

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Today the Hyperledger Foundation, the enterprise grade blockchain ecosystem, announced the addition of seven new members, Adhara, Digital Currency Forum, Launchnodes, Pairpoint, SDAX, SEIYAJ TECH and Web3 Labs. It plans to run a webinar on January 31 celebrating its eighth anniversary.

We’re more familiar with some of the new members than others. Pairpoint seems brand new. However, Vodafone recently rebranded Digital Asset Broker to Pairpoint. It’s an IoT joint venture with Sumitomo. The startup is focused on the economy of things with an initial use case targeting cargo.

Another familiar name is Adhara, and it has something to celebrate today. The company is the technology partner of Fnality, the wholesale payment solution that launched today with the blessing of the Bank of England. And the central bank is yet another Hyperledger member. 

Adhara recently teamed up with existing Hyperledger member R3 to work on the Harmonia blockchain interoperability solution, a Hyperledger Lab. A key aim of Harmonia is to enable atomic settlement for institutional financial transactions across different blockchains. Fnality uses Ethereum-based technology and it needs to interoperate with R3’s Corda enterprise blockchain and beyond.

While Fnality launched today in the UK, the Digital Currency Forum is based in Japan. It plans to launch a tokenized deposit network in mid-2024. The Forum has explored digital currency use cases since 2020 and boasts more than 100 institutions and enterprises.

Sticking in Asia, SDAX, as you might have guessed, is a digital asset exchange based in Singapore. It provides a venue for buying private equity and credit, real estate and art. The regulated firm is backed by RHT Group of Companies, an offshoot of a major Singapore law firm. 

Meanwhile, Web3 Labs can probably be described as an OG blockchain startup. While it has big name clients such as JP Morgan and Vodafone, it has a reputation for deep technology expertise. It’s a contributor to Hyperledger Besu. 

We’re a little less familiar with SEIYAJ TECH, a Saudi consortium offering digital solutions, and Launchnodes which provides node hosting.

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