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Fujitsu partners with Nomura’s digital asset platform BOOSTRY for blockchain interoperability


On Monday, Fujitsu and BOOSTRY said they were working together to transfer rights and payments between different blockchain networks. BOOSTRY is the digital asset joint venture between Nomura and Nomura Research Institute, which is initially focused on corporate bond issuance in Japan.

Fujitsu says that the integration between separate platforms should be sufficiently seamless that users should not be aware that they are operating across multiple blockchain infrastructures. The Japanese technology firm will use its “connection chain” to bridge blockchains and existing payment functions.

Two weeks ago, Hyperledger unveiled the Cactus enterprise blockchain integration project as a new open source greenhouse project, with two of the main contributors as Fujitsu and Accenture.

BOOSTRY has its ibet platform, which connects token issuers for bonds, securities or other types with investors. The intention is for smart contracts to take on the role of intermediaries.

During March and April, the two companies ran experiments to exchange digital assets for psuedo cash (presumably tokenized) for settlement. Using the “connection chain”, the companies demonstrated the interconnection of two entirely separate systems. The two firms plan to establish a business model and offer the interconnection platform some time before March 2021.

Two months ago, the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research was unveiled to explore blockchain and security token offerings. Both organizations signed up to participate. Last year Fujitsu, Nomura Research Institute, ConsenSys and others formed the Smart Contract Security Alliance.

Beyond capital markets applications, mention was also made of interoperability for rewards points. Two years ago, Fujitsu launched a token rewards program to attract visitors to tourist attractions.

Other blockchain projects form Fujitsu include a blockchain solution to track the provenance of data shared between organizations and a digital identity platform.

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