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Fujitsu launches fixed price blockchain consulting

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This week Fujitsu announced the launch of a new blockchain service in EMEIA. The company is offering a fixed price Minimum Viable Product in five days starting at Euro 9,900.

Fujitsu intends the consultancy as the step before a Proof of Concept (PoC). Instead, it’s a Proof of Business (PoB). Unrelated to Fujitsu, Ledger Insights has heard of others that have tried a concept of Proof of Collaboration. In other words, if they can’t get buy-in from the necessary participants, there’s no point in proceeding.

Very often to persuade partners to come on board it’s necessary to create a product or demo. Otherwise, it’s tricky to share the vision with other people. Hence Fujitsu’s plans to co-create a Minimum Viable Product as part of the PoB. The aim is to demonstrate sufficient value to be persuasive and also get feedback for future development.

Fujitsu has their own design process they call the Human-Centric Experience Design (HXD) which they developed doing hundreds of digital transformation projects in Japan.

The company has deep blockchain experience. For example, they’re working on a coupon system to promote tourism in Japan. They’re also on the Governing Board of the Hyperledger consortium. Plus they have a “Blockchain as a Service” ready-to-use hosting system featuring Hyperledger Fabric.

Frederik de Breuck, Head of Fujitsu’s Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels commented: “Inspired by high levels of interest from our customers, we have created this ready-to-go package not only to jump-start the customers’ blockchain efforts but also to review and improve existing projects.”

“Available immediately across the EMEIA region, we expect this assessment to have a major impact on unlocking blockchain’s potential for business use cases.” EMEIA refers to EMEA + India.

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