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Google Cloud announces support for Polygon blockchains


Today Google Cloud announced a multi-year alliance with Polygon Labs in which Google Cloud will provide fully managed node hosting for Polygon blockchains and its scaling solution. Last year, Google unveiled its Blockchain Node Engine starting with Ethereum, aiming to make deploying nodes faster and adding security protections.

While Polygon is best known for the proof of stake Polygon POS, an Ethereum sidechain, it also has other initiatives, including the layer 2 offering, Polygon zkEVM and Supernets.

Polygon’s transaction dataset has already been available in the Google Cloud Marketplace since 2021 to enable transactions to be explored using BigQuery.

“The industry is experiencing a flight to quality as corporations seek to minimize risk when exploring new possibilities in Web3. Building on our work over the past few years, Google Cloud is helping the industry achieve escape velocity by directing our engineering efforts toward areas like improving data availability and enhancing the resilience and performance of scaling protocols like zero-knowledge proofs,” said Google Cloud’s Mitesh Agarwal.

In February, Google Cloud became a corporate baker on Tezos, the equivalent of a validator. Other ledgers for which Google runs validator nodes include Aptos, Arbitrum, Solana, and Hedera. Examples of web3 companies using Google Cloud are Blockdaemon, Bullish, Coinbase and Dapper Labs (Flow blockchain).

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