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Insolar blockchain partners with Microsoft, Oracle and Innosuisse


Yesterday, enterprise blockchain platform Insolar said it is collaborating with Microsoft, Oracle and national innovation agencies of Switzerland, UK and Germany. The announcement comes ahead of the launch of Insolar’s public blockchain network MainNet on November 1.

Switzerland-based Insolar is an open-source blockchain platform. The protocol serves businesses in the supply chain and logistics, energy, retail and automotive sectors.

The selling point of the blockchain platform is that it can be deployed as a public or private network and use a public network to link private networks. It is also interoperable with Hyperledger Fabric and plans to support Corda and Ethereum interoperability.

The partnership with Microsoft and Oracle is for the integration of the Insolar platform with their respective cloud services, Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Meanwhile, Insolar has also partnered with Innosuisse, UK Energy Innovation Centre, and the German Energy Agency (dena). The company said it is in the process of launching its Transactive Energy System in Switzerland with support from innovation agency Innosuisse and other partners.

The Transactive Energy System uses blockchain to connect energy producers, prosumers and utility companies for secure and fast energy transactions. Earlier this year, Insolar tested its energy platform in collaboration with Canada’s Hero Engineering. This System was also recognized by the Startup Energy Transition, which is backed by UN World Energy Council and dena.

The new partnerships are significant as the platform comes close to its MainNet launch. The company claims that the beta version of its TestNet carried out 19,500 transactions per second on a 20 node network.

Image Copyright: Insolar