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Instagram broadens NFT rollout to 100 countries

nft non fungible token

NFTs are now shareable on Instagram in over 100 countries. The social media platform first enabled NFTs on posts and stories in May this year. Yesterday the company announced that it will allow users to share digital collectibles that they created or own. It also launched new integrations with Coinbase  and Dapper, now supporting connections to both digital wallets.

The May testing phase was restricted to a few American content creators but has now been expanded to general users. Once a digital wallet and Instagram are connected, the NFT image can be posted to the user’s account.

This recent foray into sharing NFTs stems from the rising challenge Instagram faces in helping its content creators make a living out of the media they post. This is critical for Instagram, as the following that each creator brings to the site boosts traffic for the platform. It is hoped that enabling the sharing of NFTs will increase awareness of that artist’s work and thus, drive up sales.

Instagram’s initial NFT launch was limited to the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. This update now also includes Flow, home to NBA Top ShotNFL All Day and many other gaming NFTs. This allows a wider variety of NFTs to be shared on Instagram than before, which will hopefully encourage users to post about their digital assets.

Meanwhile, Instagram was keen to emphasize that it aims to make the Instagram experience secure, just when research found that the topic concerns many users. 

Image Copyright: fellowneko / 123rf