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iTRACE adds Android support for blockchain product authentication

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Today, California-based iTRACE Technologies has launched an Android app for authenticating products etched with its blockchain connected 2DMI mark.

An iPhone app for iTRACE already existed, and with an Android launch, more users can authenticate, track and trace a product. Android holds 74 of the global market share and many devices are cheaper than an iPhone.

iTRACE calls itself a supply chain security, brand protection and product security company, and its app can be branded and customized by businesses for individual applications.

The 2DMI mark is a supply chain security system which uses a laser to make 2D micro marks on any solid surface including stainless steel, diamond, glass and even fabrics. iTRACE hopes to combat grey markets and counterfeiting of products by providing easy and trusted access to provenance data.

“The addition of the Android OS version of our app has significantly broadened the number of people that can participate in authentication with their own devices,” said iTRACE Founder and CEO Mark Manning. “Giving customs officers, investigators and even end consumers the ability to guarantee the authenticity of the products in their hands gives the brands a very powerful tool to engage with their consumers in real-time.”

The mobile app also features two-factor authentication (2FA) that can be used to secure existing security systems such as human-readable devices. iTRACE claims to provide better security and damage resistance than QR codes, barcodes and 2D codes, making them ideal for harsher environments.

Last month, Honeywell said it was working with iTRACE to secure its aerospace parts supply chain by recording identification on a blockchain.

Other technologies linked to blockchain for traceability include molecular DNA used by blockchain provenance company Everledger for tagging luxury products. And ScanTrust has a barcoding system which it says is copy proof.

Anti-counterfeiting is a popular application for blockchain technology. Microsoft, ConsenSys and French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH have a blockchain network to trace history and authenticity of luxury goods. Meanwhile, Seagate is working with IBM for a blockchain solution to authenticate the provenance of its hard disks and prevent fraudulent clones.