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KPMG partners with Guardtime for blockchain


Today KPMG announced an alliance with Guardtime to provide blockchain-enabled services to clients.

Guardtime is a significant player in enterprise blockchain. It’s best known for helping the Estonian Government become a trailblazer in e-government. In the blockchain sector, one of its highest profile wins is Insurwave, an insurance platform for container shipping vessels. The project launched nine months ago and is a joint venture between Guardtime and EY with Maersk as its first client.

In the middle of last year, Guardtime also unveiled a medical record project for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The My Personal Care Record (MyPCR) is in production giving up to 30 million NHS patients smartphone access.

Together the two companies aim to address issues in numerous sectors including supply chain, data rights management, compliance, procurement, finance, identity management, cloud audit, migration governance and security.

“Our alliance with Guardtime gives clients access to a secure digital platform,” said Arun Ghosh, KPMG’s National Blockchain leader. “KPMG’s deep business and technical experience along with Guardtime’s blockchain platform drives business transformation in areas that are encumbered with manual processes and where data accuracy, trust, and security are paramount.”

For its part, KPMG has been involved in a handful of high profile blockchain projects. The consultant is the lead advisor to FundsDLT, the platform developed by a subsidiary of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange for processing fund transactions. It provides transparency between the retail investor, distributor and asset manager.

Six months ago Singapore Airlines unveiled its blockchain loyalty program built by KPMG.

The consultant also recently published a report on the institutionalization of cryptoassets.

KPMG is a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) which is probably the largest blockchain standards body with more than 500 members focusing on blockchain standards for the logistics sector.

“Partnering with KPMG’s blockchain enablement services makes the technology real and gives clients the ability to take them to market across many industries,” said Michael Gault, CEO, Guardtime.