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Nomura leads $6m funding round of blockchain climate startup Allinfra


Allinfra, the Hong Kong blockchain startup, announced a $6 million Series A funding led by Nomura. The company focuses on climate solutions, using blockchain for tracking emissions, renewable energy certificates and green bonds. It also tokenizes infrastructure such as solar panels or trains to reduce the cost of funding.

The startup has been involved in several high profile use cases. For example, the BIS Innovation Hub and Hong Kong Monetary Authority are exploring tokenizing green bonds, Project Genesis. Allinfra is the partner responsible for using blockchain to verify sustainable use cases.

In late 2020, KPMG announced its blockchain Climate Account Infrastructure to enable its clients to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions. One of the project partners is Allinfra. The startup also worked with Hong Kong-based Link REIT to tokenize solar panels installed on its real estate. And the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Ubin Phase 5 involved numerous use cases, including one where Allinfra tokenized infrastructure using smart contracts.

There’s some cross-over between Allinfra’s experience on the Project Genesis green bond initiative and a recent Nomura project. The Japanese firm has a security token issuance platform, BOOSTRY, and recently partnered with Tokyo Stock Exchange operator JPX on a green bond project

Meanwhile, Nomura is stepping up its digital assets efforts. Back in 2018, it formed a joint venture Komainu for digital asset custody. Last week it confirmed it’s setting up a new digital assets subsidiary that will include cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, DeFi, NFTs and other tokens.

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