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Porsche to auction car sketch as NFT

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Porsche will auction a car design sketch through the platform SuperRare. In this case, the non-fungible token (NFT) comes with the physical version of the drawing. The design was sketched by the company’s Director of Exterior Design, Peter Varga, and proceeds will go towards the non-profit Viva con Agua.

The sketch combines the Taycan Cross Turismo model with the 911.

Porsche Digital operates a company builder that recently launched Fanzone, which runs a platform for digital collectibles. The auction of the design will be supported by Fanzone, which also has a partnership with the German national football team for player NFTs.

Part of Porsche’s business model is to attract collectors. Some of the most notable car collections in the world such as Jerry Seinfeld’s include Porsches. And the luxury car brand is popular in car auctioning platforms such as Collecting Cars, which launched in 2019 and reached $100 million in revenues. The Porsche brand also has various clothing lines.

Collecting is part of Porsche’s tradition. Therefore a digital collectible line of products has the potential to be welcomed by the company’s current audience while also attracting a younger and tech enthusiastic market. 

“With the NFT initiative, we are once again demonstrating the pioneering spirit typical of Porsche, with which we are always boldly entering new terrain,” said Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland. “With NFT, we are addressing existing Porsche customers, who are often passionate collectors, as well as new, younger target groups with a high affinity for digital trends.”

This was Porsche’s first direct project with Fanzone. Since the company owns the startup, more initiatives will likely be launched in the coming months, especially if the design auction is successful. 

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola launched an NFT collection through the virtual world Decentraland. SEGA plans to launch digital collectibles with its character, and luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana auctioned NFTs through marketplace UNXD.

Image Copyright: Porsche