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Power Ledger to launch blockchain energy trading in France

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Today, Australian blockchain firm Power Ledger announced a partnership with French renewables supplier ekWateur to develop a blockchain energy trading platform in the country in which consumers choose the energy source. The green energy firm will access Power Ledger’s Vision platform to certify the origin and source of renewable energy.

ekWateur claims to provide 100% green energy whose traceability is certified by the Guarantees of Origin certificate. Currently, the company services over 220,000 customers in France, many of whom will be able to use Power Ledger’s blockchain platform by the end of the year to source energy from renewable sources. 

The deal involves two aspects — a trading platform and a traceability solution. Power Ledger’s blockchain solution allows prosumers of solar and wind energy to sell excess electricity on the trading platform. Meanwhile, the Vision product will enable users to choose where their power is sourced from and set preferences for buying electricity from a particular producer. 

“Whether consumers want to source energy from their neighbor’s solar rooftop panels or a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform gives consumers a choice and control over their energy source,” said Jemma Green, executive chairman of Power Ledger.

Customers of ekWateur will be able to choose the energy mix every thirty minutes and track the provenance of the electricity. The blockchain solution will go live across ekWateur’s network by the end of this year. 

France aims to source 23% of its energy from renewable sources, and a Reuters report from last year indicated that the country was lagging on its target. 

In the past few months, Power Ledger has entered commercial deals to introduce its blockchain solutions in IndiaAustraliaItaly, and the U.S. The company website says it has 28 active projects in eight different countries. 

Among other projects in France, TEO, a unit of electric utility company ENGIE, went live with its energy provenance decentralized app (DApp) on the Energy Web blockchain.

Image Copyright: Power Ledger