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Salesforce expands web3 offering beyond NFT Cloud


Yesterday saw the launch of Salesforce Web3, a new offering from the CRM company, which is about more than launching NFT collections. A key feature is Web3 Connect which imports web3 data, such as wallets and NFT collections into customer profiles. 

As part of the web3 launch, it has rebranded its NFT Cloud offering unveiled mid-last year to NFT Management. It says launching an NFT collection is now a drag-and-drop experience.

The pilot program involved 275,000 transactions for brands such as Mattel Hot Wheels and Crown Royal. The rollout includes consultants such as Accenture and Deloitte.

Brands already have a fragmented view of customers, with some data about in-store activities and others online. Web3 has created yet another channel beyond web2, and the new Salesforce offering helps brands to create seamless loyalty experiences across channels and also get omnichannel data about customer behavior.

“Salesforce Web3 enhances our NFT collections to help us connect with customers and bring our Web2 and Web3 systems together,” said Sven Gerjets, EVP and CTO, Mattel. “Web3 Connect is powering invaluable insights into our audience and seamlessly bridging Web3 channels with the rest of our customer experience.”

In previous articles, we’ve noted that NFT wallet addresses can provide more than omnichannel data. A wallet address can indicate what other brands a customer engages with, something which is handy in building a better picture of customers. When mentioning the integration of web3 data, Salesforce mentions that it is ‘respecting consumer privacy’.

After first unveiling plans to launch a web3 offering earlier last year, Salesforce encountered considerable staff pushback. As a result, it launched a web3 advisory panel late last year, and its internal ethics and sustainability team was involved in the web3 launch.

One of the issues Salesforce says it addresses is trust and fraud by enabling users to buy NFTs directly from brand websites and flagging suspicious wallets.

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