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Sony, Universal Music partner with Snowcrash NFT platform. Plans Bob Dylan NFTs

bob dylan

Yesterday Snowcrash announced the launch of its NFT trading platform and a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music. The startup dismissed rumors that Bob Dylan is the founder, but two people close to the 80-year old are. They include his son, movie and music video director Jesse Dylan and Jeff Rosen who is President of the Bob Dylan Music Company. The other co-founder is Walter de Brouwer, the crypto guy on the team and an adjunct professor at Stanford.

“With Snowcrash, we have found a perfect opportunity where the entertainment community, Silicon Valley and Wall Street all come together to create opportunities for artists and organizations impacting the world today,” said de Brouwer.

Snowcrash plans to release Bob Dylan and Miles Davis NFTs later this year, as well as for emerging artist Varvara. However, it won’t just partner with existing properties. It plans to create new virtual experiences.

In late 2021 Snowcrash partnered with UNICEF and helped it release a 1,000 piece NFT collection to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Those particular NFTs were based on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s been a fair amount of environmental pushback regarding Ethereum. Snowcrash’s platform of choice is the Solana blockchain which is considered more eco-friendly.

Late last year, Universal Music Group announced the formation of KINGSHIP, a music group based on Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT characters. It’s just partnered with Billboard as well. Last year Sony Music invested in the blockchain marketplace MakersPlace. In the music arena, Warner has been most active in NFTs amongst the big labels. But independents such as Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records are also making a big splash.

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