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Tom Brady launches NFTs providing access to events, perks

tom brady

Tom Brady’s NFT platform Autograph has launched its Signature Experiences program. Users can gain access to “The Huddle’s” limited edition digital and physical items and in-person events relating to Tom Brady by purchasing Season Ticket NFTs.

This announcement follows a growing trend of using NFTs as tokens that provide access to fan clubs or in-person experiences and virtual rewards for its owners. There have already been multiple sets of Brady NFTs but mainly image NFTs or animation-based. 

Furthermore, Autograph is promoting a sense of exclusivity by implementing an allowlist. This gives users different pricing based on their Collector Score, with top collectors getting first access and larger discounts than subsequent tiers. Notably, the top 200 Autograph and Brady collectors can receive the NFT for free.

As an NFT platform, Autograph has been on the rise since Tom Brady co-founded it last year. It raised $170 million in funding in January and has struck deals with many major celebrities including Rafael Nadal, Naomi Osaka, Tiger Woods and Tony Hawk. The company has partnerships with PGA TourESPN and even Lionsgate.

Autograph is far from the only player in the sports NFT space. Dapper Labs is a major sports NFT platform with video-based NFTs covering sports leagues through platforms like NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY. Fantasy football game Sorare is well known for its digital cards featuring football stars. And in the United States, Candy Digital has the rights to MLB baseball, amongst others.