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UK’s Wembley Stadium adopts blockchain ticketing TIXNGO starting with Sheeran concert

ed sheeran wembley

Wembley Stadium, famous for hosting the big English football matches and music events, is adopting the blockchain ticketing solution TIXNGO. The biggest benefit of the solution is it eliminates counterfeits. Wembley plans to first use the application for Ed Sheeran’s June concert.

SecutTix launched TIXNGO in 2019 as a mobile app that consumers can use to gain entrance to the stadium but also to transfer the ticket. Other platform users include UEFA for last year’s delayed Euro 2020 event, the Stade de France, and Old Trafford, the home of Lancashire cricket.

The ticket is encrypted, with blockchain rendering the data immutable. Apart from counterfeits it also addresses the grey secondary market for tickets because each ticket is associated with an identity.

“We wanted a cutting edge secure mobile solution which could service all of our different types of events, both sporting and non-sporting ones,” said Paul Smyth, Head of Event Operations at Wembley Stadium. “TIXNGO provides us with exactly this, creating a safe and seamless ticketing experience for all fans.”

One of the benefits touted by TIXNGO is it enables event organizers to know more about their clients, including the channels they use to purchase tickets. 

There are a number of blockchain-based ticketing platforms, including True Tickets, Dutch firm GUTS Tickets, and France’s TixTo.Me. The latter is being used by the French arm of events company LiveNation, which also owns Ticketmaster

The giant ticketing firm is providing NFTs to NFL ticketholders, but its CEO has previously stated that a centralized solution such as Ticketmaster can address fraud just as well as a decentralized one. 

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